Original compositions accentuate the specific peculiarities of the instruments. They play with sub-harmonic tones and the outstanding spectrum of overtones of the Stahlcello.

Jan Heinke - The Book of Colours/Introduction (extract)
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STAHLQUARTETT/Peter Andreas - Sonosophie@Epilog (extract)
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The repertoire of STAHLQUARTETT also includes adaptations of classical and contemporary music. The result is surprising: the musical material appears as if under a magnifying glass and reveals hidden details. Even though the characteristic language of the composer is still present, the musical arrangement for and the sound of the Stahlcello create a different interpretation.

J.S.Bach - Air (extract)
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Stahlcello and voice

As part of Lausch-Rausch - an international festival for harmonic singing founded by Jan Heinke - a program for Stahlcello and voice was developed. Some of the pieces now have found a permanent place in our repertoire.

Jan Heinke - 'Der Garten der Steine' (extract)
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Anonymous/M. Antoni - In hoc anni circulo (extract)
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Stahlcello electronically

Convergence of acoustic and synthetic sound fields are the goal of our work with the sound artist known as Winterberg. Normally as ambient noises accepted or eliminated sounds, create their own structures and are part of the acoustic perception.

Winterberg/STAHLQUARTETT - Knispel (extract)
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Chamber music

For the 10th anniversary of Sächsisches Vokalensemble (conductor Matthias Jung) the composer Karsten Gundermann wrote "Jahr am Fenster" for choir and Stahlcello, which we performed at the Dreikönigskirche in Dresden in 2006.

K. Gundermann - Winter (from "Jahr am Fenster")
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With the organist Burkhard Rüger we have performed pieces for organ and Stahlcello. The program played with sounds which can't clearly be allocated to either the organ or the Stahlcello.

Olivier Messiaen - Apparition de l'Eglise Eternelle (ectract)
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